Friday, August 6, 2010

Our New Home

Yesterday we went and visited the farm and got a wonderful tour by the current owners. Here's a photo of what we will be calling home not to long from now.

This is the pond where someday Mason, Ava and Finnley will learn to swim. The barn is is the upper left corner and the house is in the upper center of the photo. I keep wanting someone to pinch me and wake me up from this incredible dream. Let the adventure begin!


  1. So Lovely. All of it. I love that your blogging Katja-it's great! And this looks so so so beautiful.
    New Chapter for you guys! Fabulous.

  2. Awesome! This place looks so perfect. I am just figuring out that you are moving from Facebook, Though I haven't figured out exactly where this is or if you guys will be farming for a living, or just living on a farm (either of which is exciting)!