Thursday, August 26, 2010

Breakin' the law

In our little town, chickens are not allowed within city limits. I know there a number of law breakers, us included.

They have yet to provide me with breakfast, but they're still a bit young for that.

Jackson built the most amazing coop. I use the term "built" loosely since it's still not finished. The one side that is looks great though, clapboards painted blue with white trim, just like our house. Restored windows with their own removable screens. Pretty posh for a couple of birds that just poop all over the place. Here's the thing though, the coop is coming with us. Yup, we're moving it over the mountain. How that's going to happen I don't really understand yet but I'm just going to let Jackson figure it out. Anyone with good ideas are welcome, as are those who want a good laugh when we try to get this thing off the ground.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

40 Days

That's the time we have left until we move. 40 days. Seems like a lot of time but then seems like no time at all. I think about all that we have to do in those 40 days, pack, clean, organize, sell, throw away, donate, fix up, say goodbye. Lately I find myself have fleeting moments of panic and anxiety, hitting me at random times. Maybe I'm driving in the car, doing the dishes, nursing Finnley. Questions flood to me, are we making the right decision? Will we be happy there? What if this is a big mistake? Fortunately, the amount of times I feel like we're making the right decision, that we will be happy and it's not a mistake outweigh the moments of doubt.

40 days is not a lot of time.....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Our New Home

Yesterday we went and visited the farm and got a wonderful tour by the current owners. Here's a photo of what we will be calling home not to long from now.

This is the pond where someday Mason, Ava and Finnley will learn to swim. The barn is is the upper left corner and the house is in the upper center of the photo. I keep wanting someone to pinch me and wake me up from this incredible dream. Let the adventure begin!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Draft Horse Field Days

The family and I visited Shelburne Farms this weekend for the annual Draft Horse Field Days presented by the Green Mountain Draft Horse Association. It was a great event and offered me a lot of "horse time" which I have been greatly missing. We're really hoping to add a draft team to our operation once it is up and running and there is a lot to learn before we get to that point. I really liked the Spotted Draft, the Haflingers and the Draft Mules. Though the Shires and Percherons are beautiful, they're just a little too much horse for me. Once I get the hang of this thing, I'll post some photos (gotta look in to how to do that).

The Draft Mules

The Spotted Drafts

The Haflinger Team