Monday, November 15, 2010

A Lesson in Patience

There are many things in a day that demand patience, a tantruming child, potty training, a one year old that likes to climb everything, cats that leave half eaten mice on the doorstep, chickens that keep trying to get inside the house, dogs that come inside covered in burdocks or turkey droppings, and now, there's one more.....a dial-up internet connection.
We've finally gotten internet but it's so painfully slow. Jackson and I sat here, huddled around the computer, listening to the tell tale screeches, buzzes and hums of the computer connecting to the internet. It was funny, how excited we were to hear those sounds but that excitement quickly wore off when it took nearly 5 minutes to load the first webpage. Oh well, I guess I really shouldn't complain, horribly slow internet is still better than no internet.
I'm looking forward to reconnecting to the rest of the world. My blog updates won't be as frequent as I had wanted them to be, nor will they be filled with photos from our new adventure. Maybe you'll all just have to come here and experience it firsthand rather than through a computer screen.

1 comment:

  1. That's OK, I have high speed internet and my blog entries aren't as frequent as I want them to be either, so we'll cut you some slack. Hope you guys are well, any chance of you being in Warren or Burlington at all the week between x-mas and New Years?